Reads Electric is located close to the port of Fremantle Western Australia, approximately 23 km South of the WA capital, Perth. The company provides a total electrical repair service to Mining, Shipping & Industry including the repair, rewinding and overhaul of all types of rotating and static electrical equipment plus extensive on site and on board fault finding, installation and repair.

Services include: 24 Hour AC РDC РMotor РAlternator & Generator Rewind, Overhaul. Repair of all types of Rotating and Static Electrical Equipment, Installation, Fitting, Fault Finding, Ship Electrical & Voyage Repairs, HV РLV Coil РTransformer & Solenoid  Manufacture, Mechanical Repairs, Metal Spray & Micro Flow, Dynamic Balance, White Metal Bearing Re-metal, Shaft Repair, Ayrodev Process, Supply & Modification of New Motors, Pump Repair, Full load РBearing РVA РCore Loss & Surge Testing, VPI & Dip Varnish, Commutator & Core Lamination Re-build,  Hazardous Area Equipment Repair to AS/NZS 3800:2012, Quality Assured Service to ISO 9001:2015.

Reads service local based Industries, Mining, Government and all West Australian Ports. Our Ayrodev Process 1, 2 and 3 License encumbers all Australian States.

Traction motor repairs

Reads Electric is a full service motor repair centre specialising in the electro-mechanical repairing, re-building, rewinding of traction motors and generators used in mining and the marine industry. We combine cutting edge technology with a high level of responsiveness to ensure that every job meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

Our traction motor repair section includes:

  • Rewinding
  • Machining
  • Computer balancing
  • Rotor repair
  • Core loss analysis
  • Surge comparison testing
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation


We rewind and repair all types of static and rotating electrical equipment to 3000 KW or 25 tonne. All insulation classes are available.

High and low voltage coil manufacture

Reads Electric only use materials of the highest standard which are formed into coils by extremely skilled and experienced industry specialists. The result is a coil providing guaranteed customer satisfaction. We manufacture coils up to and including 11 000 volts.

Removal and fitting

All types of electrical equipment can be removed and fitted by our expert technicians.

Dynamic balancing

We offer a full line of field and shop dynamic balancing utilising the IRD models 230 and 345 balancing equipment. The workshop balancing machine can accommodate equipment up to 2300kg. All balancing is performed to national and international standards.

Metal spray and micro flow processes

Provides an economical option to the complete re-manufacture of worn components. Only the best quality powders and wires are used to provide a repaired component. All work is guaranteed.

Mechanical repairs

We are able to perform the vast majority of repairs in-house, including:

  • Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Metal spray

Pump overhaul and testing

A pump test will determine the overall efficiency of your pumping plant, indicating the possible need for adjustments or repairs. It will also determine the cost of pumping a given volume of water at the tested conditions, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding adjustments or repairs. We have the facilities to load test pumps up to 60 Hz.

Bearing testing

This test is applied to all equipment repaired. It confirms to us and to the customer that the bearings are in first class condition on dispatch. This is accomplished with overall vibration and envelope measurements. Problems with bearings occur when there is a microscopic crack or flaw, or when there is a breakdown in lubrication which leads to metal on metal interaction. Our equipment is designed to detect flaws or a lack of lubrication in bearings at an early stage by measuring the high-frequency impacts through acceleration envelope methods.

Vibration analysis

We provide a full line of on-site and shop vibration analysis utilising IRD model 306M equipment.

Surge comparison testing

High voltage surge comparison testing is the most effective test available to check the quality of electrical windings. All windings repaired at Reads Electric undergo such testing to ensure our high standards are maintained.

Core loss testing

A full core loss test should always be performed before equipment is rewound. Damaged lamination insulation can severely shorten the repair life. At Reads Electric all lamination stacks undergo this test.

Primary and secondary current injection testing

This testing can be performed on-site, on-board or in our workshop. All equipment is calibrated and traceable to a national standard.

Transformer repair and manufacture

We manufacture and repair transformers up to 11 000 volts and a maximum repairable size of 25 tonnes.

Abrasive cleaning

Reads Electric performs abrasive cleaning and represervation on all parts as required. The build up of scale on some parts can cause electrical rotating equipment to overheat. Routine cleaning can save large expense and lost time down the track.

Removal of stubborn parts

We have specialised pulling and pressing equipment up to 200 tonnes.

Coils and solenoid repair

Sometimes the failure of small item can cause major production problems. Reads Electric recognises the importance of all components, regardless of size, and will repair all electrical items as needed.


All sizes and type of electrical equipment to 25 tonne are overhauled.

Fault finding

Our expert staff are always available to locate and rectify complex electrical faults. We specialise in all types of fault finding including:

  • Power generation
  • Relay logic
  • PLC control
  • Process control

We also specialise in ship electrical fault finding. This can be performed at any port or at sea.

Electrical installation

Electrical installation can be performed on all types of equipment. We can attend to any location and our qualified staff will perform the installation with the minimum of disruption to production. We specialise in ship electrical installation, which can be performed during a voyage if required.

Voyage repairs

Our trained personnel are available to sail with the vessel if required. The services available while at sea include:

  • Rewinding
  • Condition monitoring
  • Fault finding
  • Electrical installation
  • Electrical fitting
  • Dynamic balancing

Ayrodev process

This is a revolutionary approach to the installation structure of electrical rotating equipment. With rising material and labour costs the Ayrodev processes can provide significant cost savings by one or more of the following:

  • In many instances it is possible to significantly improve the insulation values in situ
  • Costly rewinds can sometimes be avoided
  • The overall life of the insulation structure can be improved.