Reads Electric has forged several international alliances in order to enhance the level and range of services we can provide.

Teco Electric Company

TECO first emerged as an industrial motor manufacturer some 40 years ago, aiming to partake in Taiwan’s industrial development. The government’s assistance , support from other industrial sectors , and contribution from shareholders and all workers boosted TECO’s growth along with Taiwan’s economic boom. Today, TECO is the No.1 motor maker in Taiwan and a leading manufacturer in the world. A pioneer in manufacturing IEC motors, TECO today has a full array of industrial motors for CNS, JIS(JEM), NEMA, and BS models, ranging from 1/10 HP to 30,000 HP and to a maximum voltage of 13,000 volts.
Contact: 08 9479 4879

WEG Australia Pty Ltd

WEG is a global player in the supply of electric motors & machines, control and automation products, and within the power distribution sector, with global sales now exceeding US$3-billion.

Product lines that covers all Industry segments throughout Australia include LV/MV and HV motors, LV control gear, generators, geared motors, inverter drive systems, soft starters, LV and HV explosion proof motors and smoke extraction motors. WEG’s vertically integrated business model ensures that we control all aspects of the manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest levels of quality from the copper wire to the paint. In conjunction with that, a continuous commitment to research and development provides a constant stream of product innovation that guarantees products that customers want.

Contact: (08) 9400 5700

Ayrodev International Ltd

AEV is a specialist company manufacturing varnishes, resins and insulation products for use in the electrical industry. The depth of knowledge within the company comes from the experience of engineers working within the electrical industry over the past 50 years. AEV is also the licensor for the Ayrodev process used in the repair of ships’ electrical systems.
Marion Street, Birkenhead
Merseyside L41 6LT, U.K.
Tel: (44) 151-647-3377
Fax: (44) 151-645-3322

Fuji Electric Co Ltd

Over the years, Fuji Electric has entered many business fields – from the production of electronic devices and various components to large-scale systems such as electric power plants. Fuji Electric has 50+ years of experience in developing total systems and solutions for our customers.
Fuji Electric is a global company with sales, service and manufacturing facilities located worldwide.

Nishishiba Electric Co Ltd

For Marine alternators, Electric Motors, Shaft Generators and ME remote control systems.
Nissei Shiba Bldg.,
6-10,Shiba 1-chome
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014
Tel: +81-3-3454-6411
Fax: +81-3-3454-6430

Taiyo Electric Co Pty Ltd

Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. has been committed to active development of electric propulsion systems as well as rotation system equipment, including generators, motors and shaft generator systems, of which the company has manufactured and delivered many units to the full satisfaction of their users.
Tel: 03-3293-3061
Fax: 03-3292-7002
Telex: 2222833 TAIYO J

KT Electric Co Ltd

KTE a specialized manufacture of marine equipment, produces control consoles which assure safe navigation of ships, as well as switchboards with starters. KTE undertakes research and development to meet users’ need on the basis of long years of experience as a specialized marine manufacture and the latest technology.
1509-13, Dadae-Dong
Pusan 604-050, Korea
Tel: +82 51 265 0255
Fax: +82 51 265 0250